Care Package Ideas for a Loved One in Rehab

Dealing with someone you love going to rehab for their alcohol addiction is bittersweet. While you're happy that they're finally getting help for their addiction, you feel lost when it comes to how to help them. You need to take it one step at a time, just like your loved one does. You can begin by sending him or her care packages in rehab to show that you are thinking of them. If you're not sure what is appropriate to send, here some ideas that you can try.

Something to Eat

Food tends to bring emotions to people; this is why families celebrate holidays with certain special foods. Sending healthy home-made treats will show that you care. It will also assist in the encouragement to establish a healthier lifestyle. Try to keep the sugar to a minimum, but a few cookies might make your loved one smile. It can be difficult to figure out healthy snacks that don't go bad without constant refrigeration. However, there are plenty out there. Here are some good ideas you can try:

  • beef jerky
  • trail mix
  • popcorn/ caramel corn
  • caramelized pumpkin seeds
  • dried fruit
  • protein bars
  • granola bars
  • pretzels
  • crackers

Don't forget to throw in some specialty juices, flavored water, and other delicious drinks to wash the snacks down with.

Something to Read

Reading is a great way to clear your head and explore emotions. Even reading fiction is an enlightening experience for many people, and being in rehab is a fantastic time to read as much as you can. While your loved one is in rehab, send many different types of books so he or she can read whatever looks interesting. Send some nonfiction that will be relevant to the situation, as well. Books by authors who have been through addiction are a great place to start. They have had time to reflect on their sobriety and put it into perspective for people who are new to their sobriety and struggling to get clean and healthy. On top of all the heavy reading, don't forget the light reading. Send some magazines, comics, or whatever else you think your loved one would enjoy reading.

Something to Comfort

Being in rehab can make someone feel secluded. It's not a good feeling when someone is at their most vulnerable state. Sending as many comfort items as you can might change your loved one's entire attitude in rehab. One great gift to throw in the box is a digital picture frame. You can send different photos to the frame so they consistently change throughout the day. Just be conscious of any triggers that could come with some photos. For example, don't include photos of family member that the person has significant negative experiences with or friends that the person has abused alcohol with. Familiar household objects are also a great way to remind the person of home. Even if you only send some knickknacks that you keep on shelves or side tables, the room will have a more familiar feel.

Something to Create

Art therapy has been proven to help recovering addicts. All art is a form of expression, and addicts need to find an outlet to express their emotions other than doing drugs or drinking alcohol. Putting items in the care package that will help your loved one create art can help pass free time while providing another form of therapy. You have to check with the specific rehab center to find out what is allowed, but simple art items include a drawing pad, colored pencils, and a journal.

Rehab can be both one of the best and worst times in someone's life. It can feel extremely lonely, especially at the beginning, so make sure you send loving care packages that will boost spirits and show your love.